Monday, May 2, 2016

On and Off Our Walls: Cathie Ugrin

It's been over a year since I posted under this banner, and I'm delighted to do so again!

Cathie Ugrin, a SAQA member from Manitoba, recently reported that her piece, Listen Softly, has been accepted into the Canadian Quilters' Association 2016 National Juried Show.  When I congratulated her, I asked her to share with us a bit about the piece, and here's what she wrote:

Thanks for asking me to send you info on 'Listen Softly'. 

It was created as a bit of respite after a very busy time for me; CRAFTED show at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in November and participation in one of our local studio boutique's December/ January show of 12 Small Pieces by 12 Artists for which I made 20 pieces just in case. 

I love the feeling of being sheltered and alone in our local forest in the middle of winter on a snowy still day so that is what inspired me. I am also always aware that the frozen ground I am walking on is just a blanket covering all that rich organic life lying dormant underneath. Basically, these concepts are what make the two parts of the piece. Then I added hundreds of small snowflakes throughout the light section of the 'phantom wood' and a glittering starry presence at the top. As I was making Listen Softly, I realized it met the criteria for SAQA's Tranquility and Turmoil exhibit so I did enter their Call for Entry as well as Quilt Canada's. Unfortunately, it was not accepted by SAQA but I am so pleased it is going to Quilt Canada.

Here's a photo of the piece plus a couple of detail shots:

Listen Softly

Back detail

Front detail

Cathie's Artists' Statement for her piece reads as follows:
Tranquility lives within the quiet still spaces of nature. Here among the trees of a phantom winter wood, a wondrous and mysterious presence glimmers down from above whilst the dormant layers of a vibrant, living earth lay below, sleeping under a dense, snowy blanket. Inspiration flutters down like countless luminescent snowflakes as imagination stirs. There is room here to shift the tensions and turmoil of life and breathe fully. A place to rediscover the innocence of peace. Freedom to pause and listen softly.

Congratulations on answering more than one Call for Entry with this lovely piece, Cathie, and for your acceptance at the NJS.  Best wishes for continued success!

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