Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Braggin' on Terry...

Once again the blog has found out about a Quilt Canada 2016 National Juried Show achievement...surreptitiously...through the back door, as it were. (GRIN)

Thanks to B.C. member Brigitte Red, I was put onto the fact that B.C. member Terry Aske -- creator of "Inside the Tipi", currently on exhibit in My Corner of the World: Canada -- took not one but two awards at the NJS!

Stealing from her blog (with apologies for being behind in my blog reading/snooping)... here she is with her pieces:

Terry with Circular Thinking - Quilt Canada  NJS 2016
First place - "Art -- Abstract" category

Terry with Swoop - Quilt Canada NJS 2016
Third Place - Art - Naturscapes, Pictorial

She's lookin' pretty happy -- and so she should be!  Congratulations, Terry!

P.S. If you've had a major achievement you want to share with your SAQA Colleagues (remember, this blog is read by SAQA members around the world, not just in the Region), PLEASE contact your Co-Rep.  If she can't post it directly to the blog, she will forward it to someone who can.  :-)  And beware...If we can't get you to 'brag on yourselves' directly, we will find a way...

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