Monday, October 3, 2016

Creating a Design Wall

Design Walls

I saw this informative post on The Quilt Show and thought that you might be interested. There are a bunch of ideas on how to create a design wall, no matter what space you have for a studio.

Check it out on The Quilt Show Blog  - October 3, 2016. Just scroll down a little bit to find it.

Do you use a design wall? If so, what is it like? Do you have other ideas for a design wall?

Here is a picture of my design wall:

I used foam core sheets screwed to the wall. Pins go in to it easily and it is replaceable if it gets too many pin holes.

Valerie Wilson
SAQA Western Canada Co-Rep (Manitoba and Saskatchewan)
Winnipeg, MB


  1. My design wall -- over a decade old and still going strong -- is half a sheet of blue foam insulation, about 1" thick, covered with Thermolam (sp?), a type of batting. Every once in a while I need to clean it, so use tape wrapped around one hand, to remove the stray threads that love to cling to the surface. The insulation came in an 8' sheet, so I shared it with a friend for her to have a design wall too.

  2. I used a sheet of blue foam. Cut in two lengthways. Covered it in flannel using pins because the staples didn't want to stay in. I attached them to the wall with Velcro picture hanging tabs both on the foam and the wall. I can detach and work in any room I want. I then bought another sheet and covered smaller rectangles and carry them wherever I go with my small projects.