Thursday, February 9, 2017

SAQA Western Canadian Retreat

Out of the Studio: Into the Wider World

The retreat is coming soon! 

We have a wonderful line-up of sessions organized for you. It is so exciting to have this first ever Western Canadian retreat. Help us make it a success.

Book now to avoid disappointment! 
Final registrations (or a hold) must be in by February 15, 2017

Not a SAQA member???
We have opened the retreat up to members of the public!

If you are interested, please email Coleen Adderley and let her know and she will hold a spot for you.

Here are Judy Villett and Susan Purney Mark talking about their courses.

Multi-dimensional Colour
Judy Villett

Begins with a review of the three dimensions of colour: hue, value and intensity. How can these theories add power to your design?
Make colour proportion charts based on an inspirational photo brought by each participant or a still life set up in class.
Explore the emotional dimension of colour with a colour chart of your journey to and experience of this retreat.
Your personal colour history - fill in the blanks and share with the group.
Learn more about yourself and your colleagues.
$10 kit includes four worksheets and fabric swatches. Kit fee is covered in your registration  fee!

Mark Making
Susan Purney Mark

In this short workshop we will use a variety of methods to create marks on both paper and fabric.
Using unusual tools, inks and paints we explore line, pattern and composition that we can use as personal symbols and for our own unique language.
We can combine this work with other fabrics and papers for presentation as books, work for further exploration, or as finished piece.  

All supplies are provided.  We hope to see you there!

Here are two more of the instructors presenting at this the SAQA Western Canada Retreat and a tour invitation from the BC POD.

Pricing Your Work - Tools to Solve the Mystery
The focus of this session will be on pricing fibre art for sale. One of the most challenging tasks for beginning and emerging artists is establishing prices for their art. Later in their career, artists with a sales record are often perplexed when their sales falter.
Dawn will provide a series of questions to consider to help form a basis for setting or revisiting prices. Various methodologies employed by artists will be presented. Finishing with some hard cold realties of selling fibre art in today’s market.

We are fortunate to be able to offer appraisal services during the retreat. Dawn Hunt is an Accredited Member of the Association of Online Appraisers, an American Quilter’s Society certified quilt appraiser, and a SAQA member. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable information about the value of your fibre art from Western Canada’s only AQS certified quilt appraiser!
Why have your fibre art appraised?
  • To estimate your insurance replacement needs
  • To document proof of ownership
  • To establish appropriate asking prices for your art
  • To determine value for charitable donation or estate purposes
  • To include as a thoughtful addition for your art given as a gift
  • To provide documentation for your family and professional history
The fee for most appraisals is $75 (the fees for fair market value and donation appraisals are $125). Fees are subject to GST. (During the retreat Dawn is still offering 2016 rates, her 2017 rates fees will be in effect afterwards.) The in-depth typed appraisal report will be mailed directly to you following the retreat.
You will not need to be present during the appraisal appointment but please book in advance by contacting Dawn at or at 403 609 9947.
Your fibre art has value!

Photographing your Art
Are you interested in entering shows, but don’t feel confident taking your own photos?
Are your photos a weird colour or do your quilts look off kilter in your photos?
This session will give you the information that you need to take good photos that will increase your chances of being accepted in to shows.
Valerie Wilson is a Juried Artist Member of SAQA and the Membership Coordinator of the Fibre Art Network. She has been accepted in to many shows and has shown her work across Canada and internationally.

If you are still thinking about coming to the retreat, please hurry as the deadline is approaching! We would love to see you there!

For more information you can contact me at

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