Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Don't Miss Out!!

Maria Shell
What? The Art of the Word: Getting Grants and Other Art Opportunities by Crafting a Well-Written Proposal
When? Thursday, June 25 at 1 pm ET*

After rave reviews at the recent SAQA conference, SAQA asked Maria to share her presentation with the larger SAQA membership on a Mentorship Webinar. She graciously agreed. Maria's webinar will touch on several topics including doing the work, networking, applying and following through. Take a look at Maria's art work and read her blog to get an idea of her vision and experience. 

Speaking from personal experience (i.e., I was there!), this webinar -- a repeat of Maria Shell's presentation at the SAQA Conference in Portland, OR -- is excellent!!

Maria's Website: http://mariashell.com

Please click the following link to register. 

NOTE: If you can not attend the live webinar, SAQA members will have access to the full audio and video recording on the SAQA website a few days after the event.

*SAQA uses ET as our official organization time zone. Use the following link to covert ET to your local time zone.

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