Saturday, May 30, 2015

"Six of a Dozen Assorted"

That was a phrase my mother's father (a grandfather who died long before I arrived on the scene) used to say when he was referring to a variety of items.  And that's what's in this post!

First, as I mentioned a while back, the deadline for entry into the 2015 SAQA Benefit Auction is looming -- in fact, it's Monday.

A number of SAQA Western Canada members have contributed this year -- well done!

So far, these are the SAQA WC member pieces that have been posted to the Gallery of Quilts for this year's Auction:

Jaynie Himsl, SK

Jill Sullivan, B.C.

Karen Johnson, B.C.


Rena Holma, SK

Patricia Scott, AB 


Paula Jolly, SK

Terry Aske, B.C.

Patti Morris, AB

     Pippa Moore, B.C.                                                                         Marie Barry, B.C.
Valerie Wilson, MB

Linda Sharp, B.C.

Susan Purney Mark, B.C.

Margaret Blank, AB

NOTE: there is a piece in the Gallery contributed by a Dianne Firth...but there are two SAQA members with that name (and yes -- with the same spelling).  One is our own Dianne Firth from Edmonton, AB; the other is from Australia.  One of them contributed a piece to the 2015 Benefit Auction -- but I'm unable to find out which one!  Dianne in Edmonton, please let me know if this is you or not (!

Second: new this year -- an opportunity to see short YouTube videos from contributors who've shared their processes in making their pieces!  

In addition to these clips, you can see videos from various events and presentations at the Fiberlandia Conference.  Enjoy!

Third, we have a new Co-Rep in B.C.!  Welcome to Coleen Adderley of Peachland, who'll be more formally introduced in an up-coming blog post.

Fourth, A BIG WELCOME to these new SAQA WC Members:
  • Jane Bryttan, B.C.
  • Terri Illingworth, AB
  • Cynthia Plant, AB
  • Bonita (Bonnie) Rozander, B.C.

I'm looking forward to meeting SAQA members from across Canada -- new or 'seasoned' -- at Quilt Canada in Lethbridge next weekend.  Look for the SAQA Trunk Show booth in the guest exhibit area!

Last but not least, "Fiberlandia Highlights" will begin soon, I promise.  Watch this space!  :-)

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