Monday, May 4, 2015

Why Go to a Conference?

A few months back when the registration opened for SAQA's 2015 International Conference, Fiberlandia, one of our members asked me, "Why should I go to Conference?  It seems like a lot of money..."

I will say more in an up-coming newsletter but for now...

Dinner with Teri Springer (L), Lyric Kinard (next)
Sue Bleiweiss, Rosalie Dace, Nancy Turbitt

Marianne Williamson & Maggie Vanderweit
Same dinner -- deep in discussion

Rep meeting...with Lin Hsin-Chen from Taiwan
Meeting up with friends
Me (L) with Jenny Lyon (Northern California)
and Nancy Turbitt (Rhode Island)

Art Tours -- this in front of a shop
in the Alberta Arts District

My piece (centre) at the Spotlight Auction fundraiser
flanked by "Patches II" (L) (Larkin Van Horn)
and "Polka Dots and Posies" (R) (Marie Wolfe)

"Let the Fabric Speak: Roses I"
was purchased by artist Jenny Lyon 
Not to mention key-note speakers; break-out sessions with the likes of Sue Reno and Lyric Kinard; daily panel discussions featuring International Artists, Art Students and Local Artists respectively; wonderful touring opportunities; delicious local cuisine; opportunities for serious one-on-one discussions and much laughter and camaraderie...

Why go to a conference?

Why not?


P.S.: Venues for the near future:

  • 2016: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;
  • 2017: Lincoln, Nebraska (International Quilt Study Center and Museum); and
  • 2018: San Antonio, Texas.

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